Slope and special designs

Provide us with 12 m2 and we will realize your trampoline dream!

A trampoline does not need a flat surface. We specialize in a wide variety of terrains. Often it is a small unevenness or even a bigger slope that remains unused. In turn, the terrain for a trampoline is often missing.

This does not have to be the case. We realize trampolines in the most different places. There are almost no limits. Let us advise you - maybe we have the ingenious solution for your property.

Here are some examples, which we were allowed to realize for customers:


Crocodile X30, G. K. aus Remetschwil:

Keller 1
Keller 2
Keller 3
Keller 4
Keller 5


Crocodile Q39, J. N. aus St. Niklausen:

Noguera 1
Noguera 2
Noguera 3
Noguera 4
Noguera 5
Noguera 6
Noguera 7


Crocodile X30, A. H. aus Kilchberg:

Hauser 1
Hauser 2
Hauser 3
Hauser 4
Hauser 5


Crocodile X33, St. J. aus Aathal:

Jansen 1H
Jansen 2H
Jansen 3H
Jansen 4H
Jansen 5H


Crocodile X36, M. D. aus Pfaffhausen:

Dr 1 H
Dr 2 H
Dr 3 H
Dr 4 H
Dr 5 H


Crocodile X30, P. V. aus Waltenschwil:

Vontobel 1
Vontobel 2
Vontobel 3
Vontobel 4
Vontobel 5 2
Vontobel 62
Vontobel 72


Crocodile Q39, D. M. aus Oberwil-Lieli:

Moser 11
Moser 2
Moser 3
Moser 4


Crocodile X33, H. R. aus Dürnten:

crocodile 1
crocodile 2
crocodile 3


Crocodile X39, C. F. aus Schaan:

Frick 1
Frick 2


Titan 425, D. B. aus Mollis:

Bosshard 1
Bosshard 2
Bosshard 3
Bosshard 4


Titan 395, Chr. O. aus Näfels:

Ohlsson 1
Ohlsson 2
Ohlsson 3
Ohlsson 4
Ohlsson 5


Titan 395, M. V. aus Andwil:

Vetter 1
Vetter 2
Vetter 3


Titan 366, K. S. aus Wernetshausen:

Titan 1
Titan 2
Titan Spez


Titan 366, Chr. W. aus Sigriswil:



Springfree O92, P. R. aus Oberrohrdorf:

Springfree 1
Springfree 2

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