Quality criteria

What criteria to look for when buying a trampoline

If the trampoline in the garden is to give long pleasure, pay attention to the following quality criteria:


Tube thickness, tube diameter and the number of frame parts are decisive for the stability of the trampoline. The more individual parts the frame has, the worse the stability and the more the trampoline squeaks.Crocodile trampolines are assembled from only 8 frame parts and are silent. All trampoline frames with 20 and more frame parts start to make noise after a certain time.

The total weight of a trampoline is another indication of quality. The heavier, the more solid. For a diameter of 425 cm, a trampoline with a safety net should have a total weight of at least 120 kg.

rahmen 01
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Springs are the heart of the trampoline. The longer and the thicker a spring is, the more stretching is possible. (The length of the spring wire is relevant: A shorter, but thicker spring can stretch more than a long thin spring).  The longer spring travel of a thick and long spring allows elegant and dynamic jumping. Short springs are hard, uncomfortable and unhealthy, they cause shocks to joints and back.

The picture shows a short discounter spring, next to a 23 cm long, and 30 mm thick Crocodile spring.

Springs are more dynamic and sporty, fiberglass rods are softer and very comfortable. Springs and fiberglass rods are both very durable and do not lose their spring force.


Jumping mat

The edge stitching and material quality are the most important factors for the jumping mat.  In the case of the best quality jumping mats, the edge stitching is covered with a webbing, which completely protects the stitching from UV radiation and makes it very durable. This type of sewing can be found for example in the Crocodile and Springfree trampolines.
A wide triangle, results in a better distribution of force and thus a lower point load on the edge of the jumping mat.

The material of a good jumping mat is generally very hard-wearing and durable. However, any jumping mat can be quickly damaged by fireworks and sharp objects.

sprungmatte 01

Safety pad / spring cover

UV stability is the most important quality criterion for the safety pad. It goes without saying that the padding needs to be thick enough. The service life of an edge pad varies from 1 year to 15 years.
Warranty periods are a good indication of quality for edge pads. Crocodile safety pads offer 6 years full warranty, discount products often only 1 year.


Safety net

In the case of the safety net, UV stability is again the decisive factor for the service life.
The entrance should be practical. Zippers can be of very different quality, Springfree zippers, for example, last for many years..

For the net attachment, the rod diameter and a reliable suspension is crucial, so that the restraint capacity and safety is also guaranteed. Discount trampolines sometimes only use finger-thick tubes. This means that fall protection is no longer guaranteed.

The higher the quality, the thicker the padding of the safety net poles. The support poles of the safety net should be sufficiently padded and the padding should be protected from the sun with a protective cover. Padding between 3 and 13 mm is offered.


Bar pads in various thicknesses.


Last but not least, the price also provides information about the quality. Professional gym trampolines cost CHF 10,000. It is understandable that a bargain trampoline for CHF 300.- is a short fun. Experience shows that trampolining costs CHF 150.- to 200.- per year, no matter if you choose a discount unit or a quality unit.  


Also when buying a trampoline: more quality - longer fun.

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