With consideration and respect no accidents

Safe leisure time on the garden trampoline

We agree with the experts from surgery and BfU: trampolining is healthy and not dangerous, but to avoid accidents, respect and consideration are essential!

You will find here a compilation of information about safety on garden trampolines. This information will help you guide your children to move healthily and safely!

Quoting Dr. med. Peter Klimek: "Trampolining has very many positive aspects. Of course, as pediatric surgeons, we are very happy when children do sports outside. It gives a good feeling, it helps with coordination, strengthens muscles. But the point is that kids should be jumping on their own, should be supervised, and shouldn't just be jumping around in fives."


Many trampoline accidents can be avoided with little effort:

  • Respect and consideration make a decisive contribution to safety.
  • The fewer jumpers on the trampoline, the lower the risk of accidents.
  • In the event of weight differences, the lighter person is always exposed to significantly greater risks.
  • A safety net can provide a false sense of security and encourage carelessness; children need to be reminded to be more considerate!
  • A stable safety pad is essential.
  • The safety net must be tear-resistant and UV-stable and must be checked regularly.
  • The trampoline must always be in a technically perfect condition and regularly checked for proper functioning.
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